The hardware to run my sim is as follows: I run all on 1 pc. This pc has 2 ssd drives. My average framerate is about 25-30.

  • i5-4760k (oldie from 2013)
  • 4x4 GB DDR3
  • GTX 1070 8GB
  • 1 43 inch full HD samsung front panel
  • 2 32 inch full HD samsungs side panels
  • 4 ipads 2 16gb, and one ipod connected via remote flight server
  • saitek multipanel
  • saitek flightyoke
  • remote usb keyboard and mouse
  • integrated audio card with 3.1 speaker system
  • 650 watt powersupply



I also tried running it on a i5-6400 with ddr4 memory, but hardly noticed any improvements to the setup. An I7 will be the next upgrade. or a 1080ti maybe.