A new sim, i only use it for VR, with my oculus rift setup. and i must say that it is very impressive. very smooth and high framerates. It's no Xplane, or p3d, the scenery is limited, but it is realy joy flying the a320 in VR

I changed the main system to the latest i7-7700k. With 16gb ddr4 at 2133, and the same GTX1070. I also tried 2 cards:

2 cards slow down your XP11 system! I did a check. A new i7700k system, with a 1070 on 3 screens gives 30+ frames. Same system, now added a 1050ti to power 1 screen, and then 1070 for the remaining 2: 25-30 frames. Just to let you guys know! No benifit!

Always wondering what to invest in for upping my FPS. Well, i did invest in an I7, gave me little to none FPS update. Well, i asked the group on facebook if a new i7 cpu would do the trick. The verdict was do not invest. Then i upped my core i7 4770k from 3.5 to 4.2 mhz (overclocked) and this did give me a FPS boost of about 7 to 10. 

Recently i upgraded my rig from an i5-4670k to an i7-4770k. Adding more threads i thought would bring a increase in framerate. Unfortunately it hardly did. I am guessing and reading up, and it seems that only the clockspeed will do that. The i5 was a 3.4 and the i7 is a 3.5 clockspeed. Not much better. And that proves to be the case.

This is a one person cockpit build, you need less room and for my purposes it suites fine. I always fly alone! one person cockpit also allows for a smaller main screen. the footprint is less. 43inch suites me fine. i do not think i will be upgrading to a beamer, or a 55 inch tv any time near. All screens are HD, furthermore, check the hardware i use in my other post.

The hardware to run my sim is as follows: I run all on 1 pc. This pc has 2 ssd drives. My average framerate is about 25-30.

I started the build in November 2017. Below you can see my first photo's. Before this build it was a desktop setup with 4 monitors or more. Tried tons of setups, with tons of monitors, even a beamer. Never got the emersive experience i have now. I can highly advise this setup if you have the space for it. 

It's about time i started a proper blog about my hobby. I will be posting tips, updates of my SIM and other issues i am finding and how i solved them for you all to enjoy. First off, i am not a pilot, and my hobby is to build a sim that has the cheapest, most emersive experience. Pardon my english language faults, english is not my native language!